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Poster: Hopeful Mark Date: Aug 31, 2010 7:40pm
Forum: Americana Subject: Re: Serious lack of browsing ability here - when will it equal a physical library's browsability?

I came across this site yesterday. At first I was very impressed to see so much content.
This site has so much potential. Congratulations to those of you who started the project.

This American forum but the comments apply to the entire site.

Unfortunately as others have mentioned it is almost impossible to use at the moment.
I presume the search facility works if you are looking for a particular document but otherwise I can’t find anything.

I don’t want to simply complain but…

I know it takes a lot of work to get these things working properly. But to begin with I think it would not be too difficult to put in some form of browsing function.
The browsing by library is not helpful, it is the same as having no browse capability.

You have keywords on each file, even to be able to browse by this would be a dramatic improvement. It would also be possible for users to ‘suggest’ a category, and overtime a large amount of the files will be categorized without needing a huge team of volunteers.

I think nowadays it is useful to have be able to view all file formats at the same time, thus there should be an option to browse should include all formats (text, video etc) from the entire database, and then exclude unwanted formats as desired.
There are a lot of pages on the site and not easy to navigate around. Personally I think the first page ‘

I did a search for a particular topic, and came up with around 100 entries. I know that on the internet there are a lot more ebooks than that free for download.

I believe if you make some improvements then the site will become useable, and well known (as being ‘an amazing site’). People will then become contribute more and be encouraged to add more content.

Thanks in advance
Keep up the good work.